Zion Williamson, birthed July 6, 2000, in Salisbury in North Carolina, is a United States Basketball gamer. It gauges 1.98 m and weighs 144 kg. Williamson progresses as a strong winger at New Orleans’ Pelicans after being chosen in the initial placement of the NBA Draft 2019.

The comeback by Zion Williamson for the New Orleans Pelicans moves. The Forward has suffered a setback in the rehab after his foot break and will continue to be missing for an indefinite period.

The pelicans announced on Saturday in a statement. Accordingly, the training program for Williamson for a long time returned. It is completely unclear when the top pick can intervene back to the game from 2019.

Williamson continues to feel pain in his operated foot, which is why Pelicans performed another examination. It came out that the bone did not heal as desired. In response, the Pelicans return the strain for Williamson to give more time to the bone.

For Zion, it was already the second setback within a few days. Originally stated that the franchise star on 2 December could be fully entered into team training, but due to pain in the foot, this plan was rejected again.

Williamson had broken his foot in the off season and even at the beginning of the preparation, the Pelicans had optimistic that the Forward could contribute to the season opener. However, reality is that the 21-year-old could not complete a game this season.

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It is not the first violation of Williamson in his young career. During his rookie season Zion made only 24 lots due to a meniscus surgery, in the previous year, Williamson missed, among other things, because of a broken finger elf games. Without her star, the Pets missed the playoffs, and this season is New Orleans with a balance of 8-20 in the last place in the Western Conference.