A new apex legends The filtration has revealed that a long-awaited feature is in process and will presumably reach the game Nintendo Switch, Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in the near future or, in others words, perhaps in time for next season. That said, at this time, it has not been officially confirmed that the function is in process, but the filtration is courtesy of the file files, which means it is impossible to discard it completely.

Mad Maggie and Dark Depths Event Leaks!!! apex legends season 11
More specifically, the filtration occurs on the path of the outstanding data mining of Apex Legends, Galindo, who, while searching on the files of the recent update of the game, discovered that Respawn Entertainment is currently working in a chat filter. The files are not only mentioned chat filter, but also provide details about how it would work. Interestingly, it seems that it will work with both the text chat and voice.

Next, you can see the findings yourself:

For now, take this escape with a grain of salt because, for now, it is just that, a leak. While all this is in the file files, sometimes nothing comes from data mining leaks. That is, only because this is in process or in process at some point, it does not mean that it is going to be done. Meanwhile, even if it does, it could be with changes. As for Respawn and EA, they still have to comment on this filtration and the speculations it has produced. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly.

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