The Czech Developer Studio Bohemia Interactive has now officially presented its new games’ engine, infusion for the first time. It will form the core technology of the studio for future games.

The Ensure engine gives not only a modern audiovisual appearance, but also allows us to use on multiple platforms, improved user-friendliness for players and excellent support for mod developers.

The new Infusion engine has been developed for 4 years in the offices of Bohemia Interactive in Prague, Brno and Anise Pod BODY, although it was already designed in 2014.

Currently, a team of 30 developers involved in development, which is the presentation project of the company in terms of investment and personnel resources.

Marek Panel, founder and CEO of Bohemia Interactive, commented: When we founded Bohemia Interactive 22 years ago, we have always decided to use our own engine. No other engine available on the market allowed us to develop the kind of games we wanted. For example, simulations with detailed physics in huge, open worlds that can be easily adapted by players and communities. Nothing changed about that. However, our years ago Real Virtuality Engine, for example, is committed in Area 3, is increasingly encountered its technological limits. Infusion, on the other hand, is ready to face the technological challenges of the future and will shape the form of our games until the next decade without exaggeration.

Multiplatform usage and modern technologies

The Infusion Engine is cross-platform and enables the simultaneous development of games for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. PC and Xbox players enjoy the full DirectX 12 support.

The core of the engine is the programming language C ++ with a scripting language called Enforce (an OOP scripting language, the players may already know, for example in Day). For rendering, shaders written in HSL are used.

The audiovisual design of games developed on the new engine will therefore be future-proof. The optimization of the resource utilization of modern processors and graphics cards allows smooth operation and stable rendering frequencies even in demanding simulations.

The developers have also dedicated to a significant improvement in the network code, which allows a lower latency, more fluid player movements and better hit registration and averaging a better multiplayer experience.

Infusion Workbench — Full Developer Stack

One of the main advantages of the Infusion Engine is your simple and easy-to-use design. Thanks to the Infusion Workbench Toolkits, you can easily change the attributes of the game or the mod to be developed.

Enthusiastic community content creators receive the same professional tools, which are also used by the developers at Bohemia Interactive.

Infusion Workbench modules:

World Editor: Here are our virtual worlds

Particle Editor: For visual effects
Animation Editor: For the configuration of the character and object animation
Script Editor: For writing and debugging scripts in the Enforce language

Enfusion Engine - Powering the future of Bohemia's games
Audio Editor: For audio effects and music
Behavior Editor: For the definition of the behavior of game-controlled characters (I)
Editor for procedural animations: for simpler, game-controlled animations
String Editor: For localization of languages
Layout Editor: For creating the user interface of the game
and more

The workbench is also closely linked to Bohemia Interactive Backend systems, including its own workshop. As a sturdy tool, it serves not only for the development, but also for the creation and distribution of mods for all games running on the Infusion engine.

Future and publication date for the public

The development of the Infusion Engine continues and still has the highest priority for the company. Nonetheless, the engine itself will soon be made accessible to the public with its developer tools and user documentation, along with the first official playable demonstration of their functions. Bohemia Interactive is currently not considering licensing developers to develop the Infusion Engine so that they can develop their own games.