It is over 2021, and December comes with news to Nintendo Switch online. The remodeling that the service of the Japanese company has had with its expansion pack has brought us this month the incorporation of Paper Mario, in addition to the announcement that Banjo-Kazooie will arrive.

But we were missing news about the rest of the classics catalog, which not only has Nintendo 64 games. Switch online also has Sega titles, and from today they are available Five more Mega Drive games, with some prominent name That had sounded more than once among the requests of the players.

SEGA Genesis - December 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online
Games that are incorporated into NO:

We have a bit of everything and for all, so the nostalgic of the classical SEGA console will enjoy a good Christmas with titles ranging from 1988 to 1994. With them, the list of mega drive increases to 19 games, Although it will be extended over the months through new additions.

It is worth emphasizing that the expansion pack announcement did not feel very well. While Nintendo is reporting a good handful of benefits, the community of players has been very critical with the company. In addition, emulation problems have been experienced with some games, something that Nintendo has taken note of the future.