Bethesda has relaunched Skyrim so many times in so many platforms that has reached the state of parody, and earlier this year Meme continued with a new anniversary edition. This time, however, there is at least a lot of new content added to the basic package, including a new fishing mini-game. Here is How to start the Skyrim fishing search, get a cane and find all fishing slots in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

How to start the fishing search

Bethesda has not organically integrated the new fishing content in Skyrim in the game. Actually, this is a MOD of the Creation Club program that must be installed manually before you can start transmitting.

To do this, simply select Creation Club in the main menu and install the fishing add-on from there.

Once installed, you must undertake a first fishing mission called Angler Knowledge. This requires you to visit the Risen fishery, speak with Oriya and then complete a fishing reward on a mission entitled «in case of trouble». Once this is done, you must speak with Swims in Deep Water, a NPC that offers you several fishing missions of all styles to catch.

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To get a full description of the actual location of each fishing supply location in a certain area of ​​the map, you will need specific fishing maps. These can be purchased at the Telethon store in White run.

If you have just started a new game, look for the one near River wood, which is located next to the river on the way to White run. It is just before the stone bridge.

How to get a fishing rod

Of course, before you can start fishing you will need a cane. Fortunately, you will find one on the floor next to almost all fishing places of the game. You can also buy them in most merchants spread over the map. If you prefer to make one, it is also possible: in a forge, use x1 iron ingot and x1 firewood for this.

How to fish in Skyrim

Standing near a place of fishing supply, equip your rod and use the interaction button near a water body to launch. Mechanics is not particularly complex; Fishing is done at a deadlock and everything you need to do is press the interaction button to launch. Sooner or later, you will feel a bite on the line, and all you have to do is press Interact again to roll it up. Remember, you should wait until you feel a pull before you start rolling. The fish usually nibbles your hook a bit before biting the hook, so do not get on the weapon!

As for what to look for to find a fish, you should see waves in the water that indicate that there are fish nearby. If it does not, it has caught it dry or there is no fish there to start. If this is the first, keep in mind that you will have to wait 24 hours of play time before the fish returns to this location.

All fishing places

There are five areas in Skyrim where you will find locations of fishing supplies where you can fish. We will break down below. You can use it as a reference or simply buy the maps of the different Skyrim suppliers.

White run.

There are three fishing places in White run. You can buy the card in River wood.


There are four fishing sports at The Rift. You can buy the card in Risen.

Winter Strong

There are two clovers in Winter hold. You can buy the map in Winter hold.


There are 4 fishing sports in Harbinger. You can buy the card within Solitude or in sellers who pass through the area.


There are five places to fish in Maltreat, all scattered around the same mass of water. The card can be purchased within the city or Lucas in River wood.

The cover

There are four fishing sites in Reach. The card can be purchased at Market, and other street vendors are expected to store it as well.

All Skyrim Fish

Here is a helpful list of all fish in Skyrim that you will fish as part of the new fishing search.

Larvae de Rape
Arctic shadow
Abandon Long fin.
Glass catfish
Glass fish
Red fish
Hit scarp.
Juvenile clay crab

Skyrim: How to Start Fishing
Lira tail Antics
Fish Pearl
Pygmy Sunfish
Post silverside
Scorpion fish
Spider Tripod
Fish Vampire

And that’s all you need to know How to start the Skyrim fishing search, get cane and find all fishing slots in Skyrim Anniversary Edition. To get more tips and guides useful about the game, be sure to look for fishing search. You should also see content related below that can be useful. Similar items Only Skyrim’s true fanatics can name the 10 secondary characters in this questionnaire Music and works of art from Star field revealed by Bethesda at the concert of the tenth anniversary of Skyrim Characteristics of the new trailer of Skyrim Anniversary Edition Experience the kindness of the role-play table with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — The Adventure Game Bethesda details new content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition