Today, Eugen Systems has announced that the spiritual successor of the popular War game, Warn, will arrive in anticipated access next month. On January 20, players will be able to try the new fighting simulator of the Third World War. Players should expect hundreds of new units and very detailed battlefields, based on established basic game.

Warn (Abbreviation of Warning Order) answers the question And if the Cold War did not end in 1989? The arsenals of NATO and the Warsaw Pact will be available to the player while he tries to navigate in a still ripped world. To do this, the game brings a thorough and realistic strategy to the war of the era of the Cold War. Each nation of the game has been thoroughly recreated and studied, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Players will come across the battlefield in solo games against advanced IA, cooperative matches or online games against other players. These will take place on one of the many new cards, each with a unique set of goals. The cards will also include a dynamic front line that translates directly through the victory on one side over the other.

In addition, the strategic campaigns of Army General in turn will describe some of the battles that could have happened if the Cold War became hot.

WARNO - Wargame 4! January 22nd, 2022
WARN also offers a great improvement in Eugen’s modern combat simulations. He promises to be more realistic and intense than his predecessor. This can be seen in intense tactical military action in the Warn trailer below.

Warn brings a multitude of improvements in quality of life, graphic improvements and a generally more realistic gaming experience for war strategists. Eugen will add new content, units, game mechanisms, campaigns and more into continuous updates in Steam Early Access.

Warn arrives in anticipated access on Steam on January 20, 2022. Players will have the choice to explore the arsenal of the era of the United States Cold War or the Soviet Union. Which side will you choose?

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