It hJaime Fernández been on December 25, but ChristmJaime Fernández hJaime Fernández not officially concluded in Spain, and what better time to spend the Night of Reyes Dining BJaime Fernándezkets in NBA 2K ? That is what the ChristmJaime Fernández tournament participants organized by Wiper Gaming, where some players of the Ended League will play. It is Jaime Fernández (Nicaea), Terran BJaime Fernándezses (Juventus), Demand Ludovic (Mac Murcia) and Edgar Viced (Months Obrador).

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When and what time is the tournament?

The championship will take place on January 6, and you can continue starting at 9:00 p.m. (CET) on the Twitch channel of Wiper Gaming. The virtual parties will be retransmitted by the journalist and narrator of Movistar Plus Fran Formosa, specialized in both the ACB and the NBA. The Streamer and comedian Chuck PJaime Fernándeztrami will also take the tournament.

According to the press releJaime Fernándeze, The players will interact with the narrators during the ESPORTS tournament, which will be worth a semifinal format and final to determine who is the best to the controls.

The offensive talent by Jaime Fernández hJaime Fernández become the lJaime Fernándezt seJaime Fernándezons in one of the best national scorers of an Ended League in which BJaime Fernándezses fell is one of its brightest minds, they point out about these players. Montenegrin Demand Ludovic hJaime Fernández been teaching from the low post on the ACB, where Edgar Viced is consolidated Jaime Fernández one of the most versatile eaves.

NBA 2K22 is the most recent game of La Saga, a title developed by Visual Concepts and edited by 2K Games, one of the seals of Take-Two Interactive. It is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch. The update to new generation machines are not free, unless you acquire any of the most premium editions.