Ionic 5 January Tax increased 11.7 each month with 4706,000 won. Kong Electric increased 10.7% from the previous month to 2,906,000 won.

According to AKA on the 6-day previously owned auto, the ordinary cost of electric automobiles rose by new vehicle shipment hold-up and acquiring subsidy.

Unlike the ambient secondhand car market atmosphere, the cost of the electric car was the increase in the average change in the average change due to the relationship change.

Furthermore, because this year, 100% settlement of government electric car purchase aids has been lowered to 55 million won. This is a fad that finds a second electric car than a new automobile.

Electric car is a relocating digital tool. The consequences of the production interruption due to the anti-semiconductor reciprocity is unpreventable. A few of the models are delayed for more than one year.

Tesla Version 3, the first-in-sale of imported electric used automobiles, was counted as 5856 million won in January. 11.9% rose from last month. Model X increased 7.5% from the previous month to 1322 million won.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric vs Kia Niro EV

Park Sangria AKA Team Leader said, Electric car supply is not followed by need, he assessed that delivery hold-ups because of semiconductor reciprocation as well as reduction of buying subsidies.

EV6 · Concierge 2 elation also created a made use of time of 5 million won greater than the new automobile acquisition.