Clash Royale is booming and reassembled on the most used apps of our phones. It must be said that The Supercell game continues to benefit from a mobile design that brushes perfection , and for all audiences, with a short format of 2/3 minutes, overwhelming and entertaining. The years have passed, but CR is still an inventive prodigy and a machine to generate fun and money.

We even ask ourselves if this second youth inculcated by the main streamers, could revive the esports of Clash Royale in our regions. Because yes, there was a time when Clash Royale’s competitive circuit was a success, and her ecosystem did not have much to envy to LOL or CS: Go (considering everything, clear). You need a small flashback To realize how difficult it was the scene of Clash Royale’s electronic sports at that time.

The pioneer of mobile esports in Europe

In 2017, when Clash Royale was at his height, electronic sports are a phenomenon that makes the crowds vibrate. League of Legends already fills stadiums, as well as Counter Strike or Fortnite. As for mobile devices, publishers were tried as much as possible to introduce an aspect of electronic sports into their titles around Europe, but only one achieved this feat: Clash Royale.

Supercell bet heavily on the development of the competitive scene, with global competitions from 2017, then the following year a very structured regionalized circuit: Clash Royale League (CRL), whose seasons ended with the CRL World Finals, They took the appearance of a World Cup, with public, half a million dollars in cash prizes and a production that has been refined edition after edition.

In Europe, it is more precisely Spain that becomes the cradle of ESPORT CLASH ROYALE . The Supercell game enjoys there a great consideration, since LVP has formed a Clash Royale league since 2017 with weekly meetings, in the same way as today’s ERL at League of Legends . Many other countries like France is much more cautious, to the point that many of the best French players from Clash Royale migrate to play at La Superliga in Spain.

more skilled than it seems

If Clash Royale has attracted a great audience of competition amateurs is not chance. Under its children’s exterior, the game is incredibly technical. In addition to the knowledge of the metajame, the positioning of the units or even the composition, the game above all requires a great capacity to anticipate the opposite plays.

Professionals are distinguished by their propensity to counteract offensives with precisely synchronized spells, and every tenth of second account. And we are not talking about management of space : The CR sands are not chessboards by chance.

To these vast strategic parameters superimposes an exciting format to see that, as the rhythm of the items are accelerated naturally with the increase in the generation of the elixir, the towers are gradually melted and at the last minute, each scraping point of life In a building it has its importance. The games are impressive for both players and spectators.