Apparently, Mexican drug cartels have been using games like GTA online as a real life recruitment tool to recruit drug mules. According to Forbes reports, the Mexican police made affirmations for the first time on the use of the game as a recruitment tool last year, and now the medium has discovered a specific case related to the game. According to the reports, Alyssa Navarro was contacted last January by a member of the poster while she played, before moving on to Snap Chat and, finally, at a meeting in person. Navarro was arrested by the Customs Office and Arizona Border Protection in November, when she found her in a Cherokee jeep loaded with 60 kg of methamphetamine.

Apparently, Navarro’s contact offered him up to $2,000 for each trip, as well as the use of a vehicle. The Forbes report seems to imply that Navarro had the impression that she transported electronic products, instead of drugs. Methamphetamine was discovered in the automobile fuel tank. The Department of Justice of the United States accused Navarro de Conspiracy to import and sell methamphetamine and possession. She declared himself not guilty.

At this time, it is not clear if there have been similar cases specifically related to GTA online, but it certainly seems plausible that others have been recruited through the game. Forbes reports point to other online games that have been used for this purpose, including _GTA V and Into free. If this becomes more common, it is not clear if the developers will look for ways to prevent it from happening on their online games, or if there are even specific steps that can be taken. At the end of the day, players should be careful with their own interactions and take measures to denounce those who try to use these games for illicit purposes.

How Mexico’s Real Life Cartels Recruit Drug Mules On Grand Theft Auto

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