Anglo of Elder director Hideaway Miyazaki has confirmed that two favorite features of many fans of the previous titles in FromSoftware appear in the latest release of the study. Specifically, these features include multiple endings and New Game Plus mode. In almost all FromSoftware games over the past decade or more, we have included these features, so to see them again in Anglo of Elder is not a big shock. Still, since FromSoftware had yet to confirm its implementation in Anglo of Elder confirmation today it is definitely a sigh of relief for many,

In a new conversation with the blog PlayStation Miyazaki talked more about what fans can expect from Anglo of Elder when it launches next month. In doing so, he also confirmed that the above-mentioned features are also present in the game. “Yes, both New Game Plus and multiple endings are intact in Anglo of Elder“, Miyazaki said in a very direct way. As indicated above, these two features have appeared in other titles as Transition by Sanger, Alma’s occurs and Senior: Shadows die two vices, so it is logical that the way each aspect work in Anglo of Elder will resemble we have seen in the past.

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If you are someone who thinks not import multiple endings anyway because you never see credits, well, Miyazaki believes more players actually end Anglo of Elder compared to previous releases of the study. While the game will still be quite difficult, Miyazaki said that the format of the title will allow players to enjoy the game “at a slower pace.” As such, perhaps ending Anglo of Elder will not be such a complicated task as it might have been in other games of the study.

If you do not have Anglo of Elder release date circled on your calendar, the game will arrive next month, on Feb. 25. It will be available to buy and play on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Does it make you happy to hear that? Anglo of Elder New Game Plus feature and multiple different endings? Or are someone who would have never imported these features? Let me know your own response in the comments or send me a message on Twitter to @ MooreMan12.