Unlike the expectation that the world’s economy, which was dangted with Corona 19 would have quickly recovered, 2021 is a variation virus, which appears to be a variety of factors, and various factors that threaten the market with more intensified pan demic and supply chain issues. It was more weighted.

In a rapidly changing business environment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data utilization emerged as a core capability of digital transformation, and 4 people of Tip CO, including the Corporation Tip Cosoftware Korea’s office, and the executives of the Tip Cosmic had a comment on the data market this year.

Tipscoholi experts were the advancement of predictive analysis, the evolution of predictive analysis ▲ The spread of human-centered AI ▲ Diffusion of models ▲ Data virtualization market explosive growth ▲ Modern data fabric implementation.

“Today, today’s AI technology and data utilization capabilities,” Today, AI technology and data utilization capabilities are essential power that companies can enhance competitiveness and accelerate their innovation, “said Korea is a national explosive growth in the future data virtualization market One of them emphasized.

“The Tip Cosoftware is based on the industry’s leading technology, based on the industry’s leading technology, and will actively support effective data management systems and continue to improve business performance.”

Evolution of Predictive Analysis

Nelson Petra Schedo Tip CO The Top Technical Officer (CTO) is a “Sometall Internet (IoT), Digital Twin, AI, Machine Leaving (ML), Extended Reality (XR) Metabus application and compact application As the Predictive Digital Applications, a new use case will emerge as a predictive analysis technique, “said the new use cases appear”, “The accessibility of predictive analysis is expanded in the continuous improvement of data analysis tools and model-centric development, and analyzes data scientists as well as data scientists I would be able to take advantage of technology. “

“Furthermore, it is expected that the function of the predicted analysis tool will be extended to the level of data collection, data quality, and model operation, such as data quality, and model operation,” which can be used as an end-to-end data fabric or data mesh method. “

■ Human center AI injury

Michael Okonnell Tip CO The Top Analysis Officer (CAO) said, “The” Human Central AI (HCAI) ‘research, which is collaborating in the future and strengthening human capabilities, “for example, I can handle the entire image in 13 milliseconds, which combines AI and machine for these human abilities to open a new horizon of adaptive machine learning systems. “

“HCAI establishes a reliable transparent system based on software engineering method, including software testing for AI algorithms, use visualization tools for detection, for more detection, database testing to improve the fairness of machine launcher training datasets This includes “I am” AI “, which is an important feature of HCAI, which is included in the” AI “,” I can understand the derivation process of the decision of the AI, unfair, or to handle incorrect decisions. “

Diffusion of Model Options

Michael Okonnell Cao said, “In the Corona 19 situation, telecommuting has accelerated the conflicts and collaboration between data scientists, Devo and Model Ops developer teams, and promoted building data science applications.” The discussions are actively conducting data scientists, data engineers, business users, and Devox teams, as well as app development and design teams, as well as their devices. “

“Depending on the changed business environment, the enterprise focuses on converting the Temporary (AD-HOC) process to a controlled environment, and it is expected to work on the control of the row code, code priority, data flow, and model connection process.” Analysis of the actual operating model will also be continued to evaluate the ROI of data science applications, model drift and model Ribe. “

Introduction to Data Virtualization

■ Explosive growth of data virtualization market

“Numerous domestic and overseas companies are focusing on data virtualization technology to build inconsistent and efficient decision-making processes in the flood of data, and” data virtualization in the physical location or format of data As a data management method that supports freely access and utilization regardless of it, the enterprise can establish a flexible and agile business strategy. “

“The Global Market Research Agency Market Watch has expected that the data virtualization market will grow at $ 4.12 billion (about 1.9 trillion won) in 2017 (about 1.9 trillion won) in 2017 (about 4.9 trillion won). “In particular, in Asia Pacific, including Korea, data generation is exploded in all industries, and it is expected that it is expected to be the highest growth in the global data virtualization market because data generation is exploded and developed in terms of infrastructure.”

■ Modern data fabric implementation

Tony Beller Tips CO Global Partner Eco System Sector Senior Vice President (SVP) said, “CIO’s top priority for many years was data analysis and AI,” and “In 2022, the majority of companies will focus on data fabric implementations aimed at modernization of data architecture.” I predicted it.

“As the demand for data integration solutions that provide better data access, trust and control, the market for data fabrics will continue in the future for the next few years,” he said, “especially as many workloads transferred to the cloud The analytical team of the analysis team caused by distributed data, and we expect expert advice to implement modern data fabrics that simplify data access. “