Pokemon Legends Arceus is absolutely full of elements to collect and use to elaborate recipes, battle benefits and more. However, some may be difficult to detect when you adventure in the open world areas of the game. If you have trouble finding this little fungus, we can help you with some details. Here is How to get elastic fungi in Pokemon Legends Arceus .

How to get elastic fungi in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Looking in the fields of Obsidian

These fungi can be used to elaborate recipes, and you will even need some to complete a request at the beginning of the game. The fungi can be found in the bases of the trees in the Nature’s Pantry area of ​​Obsidian Fieldlands. They are quite difficult to detect, but be attentive to small brown mushrooms like the one shown in the photo below.

You can see how this would be difficult to detect while traveling in a Pokémon or runs through the fields. However, fortunately, there is a much easier way to get elastic fungi.

Buy elastic mushrooms

Actually, you can buy Anvin’s fungi, the man in front of the Retirement Village processing station. It is located close to Simona’s position and the training area next to the headquarters of the Galaxy Team.

Talk to him and choose the option of buying craft materials. It will sell elastic fungus for 200 poked each, which is a reasonable price when the alternative is a treasure search in an open field.

That’s all you need to know about How to get elastic fungi in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game if you are looking for more advice while traveling through the HISUI region.

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