1. Price: “Gold Medal Match” (Alexander Hassenstein)

“Brazil in the final of the Olympic Football Tournament Spain with 2: 1? N.” Defeated. In the International Stadium of Yokohama, the South Americans receive their gold medals. We photographers are of course waiting for the picture on which all together The cameras rays. But the guys are busy, seem to be everywhere with their thoughts, just not at the ceremony. In retrospect, I think: Maybe they wanted to share their pleasure right with their loved ones and the world at the moment of Triumph. Corona were already allowed to cheer on spectators. “

Alexander Hassenstein, 50, Erding, Getty Images

2. Price: “Plate Star” (Marcus Brandt) Picture Alliance / DPA

2. Price: “Plate Star” (Marcus Brandt)

“At the Paralympics, on August 25, I am divided into the table tennis group matches for the Germans, but you also look at the left and right. I knew that the Egyptian Ibrahim Hamadtou plays the only one with his mouth, since he has no arms. Suddenly I see him and position me three, four meters from the plate in extension of the edge of the table. It succeeds me this picture, on which everything fits: the ball in the middle of the face, the symmetry of the flying sleeves and how he holds the thug in the mouth. The Paralympics always offer fascinating motives. “

Marcus Brandt, 50, Hamburg, DPA

3. Price: “Empty house” (Kai Pfaffenbach) Reuters

3. Price: “Empty house” (Kai Pfaffenbach)

“At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, no viewers are allowed. I would like to illustrate that. In the Olympic Stadium, in the morning of July 31, I change over 100 meters of men from the interior to the main grandstand during the previous one 100 meters of men, otherwise not at all. From this perspective, the sprinters appear very small, instead, the large, oppressive emptiness opens up in this stadium. For me, the motive brings the story of these Olympic games to the point. “

Kai Pfaffenbach, 51, Hanau, Reuters