At Amazon, there are just three 4k TVs from Xiaomi in the special offer: For the Xiaomi P1E in 43 inches you pay only 299 euros instead of 379 euros, the Xiaomi P1 is available for 389 euros instead of 477.99 euros. If you would like to have something bigger and high quality, you can get the Xiaomi QLED Q1 Xiaomi QLED Q1 with 75 inches for 1,399 euros. According to comparison platforms, there is no one of the three models just with any other dealer so cheap. The Xiaomi Q1 is MediaMarkt and Saturn by a 10% direct deduction sale but only just behind, namely at € 1,399.50.

Amazon: Xiaomi 4K TVs from 43 to 75 inches on offer

The offers are officially ten days, but of course they could be sold out earlier.

Xiaomi P1 & P1E: good low-budget quality, especially at the P1

Differences between P1 and P1E: The Xiaomi P1 and P1E are Xiaomis 4K television televisions of the lower price range from 2021, where the P1E is a slightly cheaper version with a weaker image processor, lower color accuracy and without Dolby Vision. The P1 with 50 inches for 389 euros, therefore, offers the better price-performance ratio than the P1E with 43 inches for 299 euros.

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Image quality: The P1 cuts quite well when image for its price, among other things, in the preferred to other low-budget TVs, quite high peak brightness of 400 to 450 cd / m2. The 50-inch version of the P1 also uses a high-contrast VA panel, as opposed to the 43 inch version, which has an IPS panel. To the panel type of the P1E Xiaomi makes no information. But we assume that the 43-inch version is an IPS panel.

Xiaomi P1 (4K, 50 inches) instead of 477,99 € for 389 €

Gaming: The information on the input was quite different from Xiaomi P1. While speaks of 11 ms and computer image of 12.5 ms, the English-speaking TechWeekMAG wants to measure 25 to 30 ms. The latter would still be acceptable for gaming, but the closely mitigated measured values ​​of the other two magazines seem more likely to us. Incidentally, Xiaomi advertises the support of HDMI 2.1, but only the Features Earc and Allm are meant. Therefore, there are not 120 fps at 4K resolution because the TV has only a 60 Hz panel.

Xiaomi P1E (4K, 43 inches) instead of 379 € for 299 €

Xiaomi QLED Q1 with 75 inches

Image: In the picture quality, the Xiaomi Q1 cuts significantly better than the P1. The QLED technique ensures better color representation, and the peak brightness is still far higher, which is why HDR (both HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision are supported) can be well exploited. The contrast is over 8000: 1 thanks to the VA panel. At OLED TVs with its perfect black infinitely high contrast, the Xiaomi Q1 still does not come up, but at least he is not too far away.

Xiaomi QLED Q1 (4K, 75 inches) instead of 1.599 € for 1.399 €

Gaming: For INPUT LAG OF THE XIAOMI Q1 Unfortunately we are missing exact details, but according to test reports, however, should be considered in a setting satisfactory for gaming. Although Xiaomi advertises HDMI 2.1, unfortunately you only get Earc and Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode). This should be due to the 120 Hz, which indicates Xiaomi, not the native but the interpolated image frequency. The Xiaomi Q1 has no real 120 Hz display. Also VRR is not supported.

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