Friends of masochism, so soon it’s time again: A new game of from software stands in the shops. And as safe as the Umbasa in the church, you will also break out this time: the discussions about the level of difficulty. While the fan base of all probably gets exactly what she wants to have, many other players can only shake with the heads: “Why are you doing something like that?”

This time, the developers explicitly promised to make the game more accessible to newcomers, and situations where you are completely stuck, as well as avoid. In fact, this is, as far as I can judge it, thanks to the free structure of the game well suited. But that does not mean that the moment-to-moment gameplay has become easier per se. Enemies in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 € / 50.99 €) are still highly aggressive and can disassemble careless players in seconds. As in the spiritual predecessors therefore, we have to look good to study attack patterns and bring a degree of reactivity.

Are the concessions to beginners, perhaps not comprehensive enough? Should FROM Software finally bite in the acidic apple for a larger target group, and make the degree of difficulty freely adjustable? Well, to say that ahead of one way: Basically, I feel it as a welcome when developers make their titles accessible to as many players as possible.

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However, under two conditions: the gaming experience should not suffer from it, and the developers should continue to have the greatest possible artistic freedom. And here we would have a problem with the titles of From Software.

Who dares a lot…

Also interesting: Our current preview to Elden Ring – info about story, character creation and game world!

Most of the time we get out of a nameless tomb with tattered clothes, and have our love trouble to get past the cemetery being. The refreshing opposite for the usual power fantasy so.
However, such scenarios are only active and atmospheric if we are not already an invincible deity from the outset. I look here reproachfully towards Diablo 3. Instead, the opponents are mostly really so dangerous, the game world really lost so and the journey really complicated as the game wants us to know.

… the much wins

Voltage catalyst

Here I take a reproachful direction Skyrim. Her proverbial impact gets the battles in the Souls games especially because actions are really counting on both sides. And the endurance strip is here in contrast to other playing no mechanics, which just breaks us out, but perhaps the most important component of the gameplay. Not only does it decide how quickly we can eat an opponent, but above all, whether we collect the next, potentially fatal hits or not.

This small, green bar was due to the degree of difficulty to the element, which made the inconspicuous Demon’s soul only to an export hit, and then to the foundation of a new genres. And the previously rather insignificant developer from software was promoted in the limelight. Unpressive atmosphere, tactical fighting and fantasy setting, many can. But to trust all this in “pretty hard”, that was probably only a small Japanese niche developer at that time, who had no longer attention to lose.


Come in, the fire is warm!

On the other hand, if we want to preserve the variety in the game industry, we accept that some developers make their titles just a very specific scheme. This is not a gatekeeping, that’s target group orientation, and to overdramat it: That’s the good right of a video game as a product product somewhere. If I call myself the column of last week to the memory, the focus on a certain target group could do some other developers again very well. A final, especially reproachful view towards Battlefield and Call of Duty.

And last but not least, I know little other gaming communities in which your own failure is celebrated as the souls games. No one should really feel excluded because of a lack of competence. Of course, there are the Speedrunner, the “GIT GUD” crescent and the with-a-dance mat throughout. But when a new title is in the shops, and there are new mechanics to learn, then we first sink all in the same boat.

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