For Julian Niehues, a small circle was closed on Saturday. For the first time since the 3rd matchday, the louder summer newcomer was back in the starting eleven. At that time this time the opponent was called: Viktoria Berlin. What was ended at the beginning of the season in a debacle – Kaiserslautern was 0: 4 declined from the newcomer and Niehues replaced after 45 weak minutes (Niehues-grade 5) \ – this time became a clear affair: The FCK mutant to rise to the promotional candidate was a deserved 2: 0-victory, defended rank two – and no hearing even in its own way redress, by creating the 1,95 meter man shortly before the break with his first league goal the important leadership.

“Shooting a gate is great,” the 20-year-old, who represented the struck Felix Götze in the Startelf, then took the protocol, but was very modest: “More important are the three points, the rest is bonus.”

Week after week – that’s no more chance.

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Mike whimsical about the defensive strength of his team

Bonus, which the Middle Fieldman deserved, because he and his teammates fought into the game after a complicated start of the game, because they approached the goal step by step and not the defensive neglected. That has already developed anyway for the Lauterer TRUMPF in the ascent race: For the 13th time the FCC remained at this 22nd Gameday without conceding, only 13 hits left the Palatine so far – mindfully, four of them in the first leg against Berlin. In the domestic Fritz-Walter Stadium there was even three goals (in eleven games). “As we defend is brutal,” Taktgemeld Mike was whimsical after the game. “Week for week – that’s no coincidence anymore.”

“We have defended it outstandingly. That’s the key,” also emphasized Philip Hercher, who did not only perform defensive work as a “rail player”, but already appeared as a scorer in the fifth time as a scorer and marked the 2-0. “It was a hard piece of work today,” the former Nuremberg then acknowledged and with a view of the difficult initial phase. “But how we have already addressed it before, we can not ensure clear circumstances from the beginning for clear conditions.”

Boyd before Premiere on Tuesday – Niehues’ Simple Recipe

Also so it handed for Hercher and Co. to the now eighth game in a row without defeat and defense of two, despite the victories of Braunschweig and Mannheim in the parallel games. The direct rise of ascent, past the first time for the first time in the Lauterer thirdliga history, should also be defended in the English Week if the FCK starts at the TSV 1860 Munich (Tuesday, 7pm) and the research starts to the new year Two wins want to continue – then with storm-new access Terrence Boyd, who had to pursue the threesome against Berlin on the day of his obligation for lack of player permission from the grandstand.

“Zero goals, six goals shot,” Niehues summarized. His simple recipe for the upcoming tasks: “continue.”