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** – New IP 5-taging publications developed as global targets such as , ,

How we afford to travel full time, becoming a travel blogger, etc | Q&A

\ – Proactive of genre change such as interactive movement, battle roy, collection type RPG… Console, PC Platform Proportion Expansion

\ – Enci Choi Mun-young PDMO “enlarge communication from development stage, and reflect user feedback”

NCsoft (Mr. Yen) revealed a new IP tsing video today (14 days).

Yen introduced five new IP species in developing ▲ . The new IPs of the Yen are encompassing various genres such as interactive movies, action battle royed, and collected RPG as well as MMORPG.

Mr. Yen said it is preparing to be a new IP that is developing a global market to be serviced through a variety of platforms such as console, PC, mobile.

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During the new IP ▲ was first released in this video, and was planned as a work that shares the and the world view. Among the new IPs, the console, PC title, is first released and aims to go to global launch in the second half of this year.

Project E

“The Enchanting,” said PDMO, said, “We plan to disclose various video content related to new IP since March,” said Yen said, “We will expand communication in various forms from the development stage and reflect users’ feedback.”