Moto Roader (Turbografx-16) - Sample Gameplay
After GleyCancer and Gynoug, the Ratalaika Games publisher continues to pick up the catalog of Masaya Games and just leaving Moto Roader ™, a race game for the least niche since it had emerged in December 1992 in Japan on Super CD-Rom², extension that came to graft on the PC Engine.

Certainly not so known as titles like Langrer , Cho Aniki or the two shoot’em up above, Moto Roader ™ will be discovered on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch to From February 25th at the sweet price of 5.99 euros, prices already practiced at the launches of Gleylation and Gynoug . Released 30 years ago, Moto Roader ™ is therefore a racing game in high view to play alone against the computer or with friends, without online mode added, nothing else, nothing only local cooperation and time formerly. Up to 4 players will be able to meet in front of the screen, even 5 players in the case of the switch. Short circuits hold on one and the same screen and are embellished with accelerators, rolling pads and other obstacles.


Moto Roader ™ – Trailer (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)