In the so-called Mindstars at Mindfactory, you now get the Samsung PM9A1 cheaply in the special offer. The Samsung 980 Pro Very similar NVME SSD is available in the 512 GB memory version for 59 euros. For those who are the storage space of the PS5 a bit too small, but they do not necessarily need the double place, this is a very cheap solution. The offer can be found here:

Mindstar offer: Samsung PM9A1 SSD 512 GB for 59 euros at Mindfactory

Mindfactory has no information on how long the deal still applies. But currently around 100 copies are currently available. In order to get the SSD to the offer price, you must click the deal by the way over the above-linked mintars overview page. If you go straight directly to the product page, you usually get the normal price displayed. The normally high shipping costs of 8.99 euros are eliminated with mintar offers.

What’s the Samsung PM9A1 for the PS5?

Form factor & speed: The Samsung PM9A1 is a NVME SSD with the form factor M.2 2280, which fits easily into the PS5. With a maximum reading speed of about 7,000 MB / s and a maximum write speed of 5,000 MB / s, it is also fast enough for Sony’s console, which requires a reading bind keti of 5,500 MB / s.

OEM version of the Samsung 980 Pro: The Samsung PM9A1 is the OEM version of the popular Samsung 980 Pro. The two versions are almost identical, but use a different firmware. At the Samsung PM9A1 there was firmware problems in the past but have been resolved for months. If you should get an SSD with the old firmware, you can find the current firmware version ** here. Since it is an actually not for the retail version, the manufacturer’s warranty also falls away. Of course, there is the usual statutory warranty.

Mindstar offer: Samsung PM9A1 SSD 512 GB for 59 euros at Mindfactory

Heatsink: The Samsung PM9A1 is not a heatsink offered by Mindfactory. If you want to ensure that you do not overheat when used in the PS5, you should buy a separate one separately. However, you must pay attention to the fact that the heatsink is not too wide or too thick for the PS5. Here is a small selection of matching models in the price range from 5 to 25 euros:

  • Sabrent M.2 NVME PS5 Heatsink
  • Advancing Gene, Universal Type
  • Be quiet! Mc1 (important: not buy the pro, which is too high)
  • EC360 Aluminum M.2 SSD Cooler
  • Eluteng M.2 2280 SSD Cooler
  • Glotrends M.2 cooler

More about how to pay attention to when buying an SSD and a suitable heat sink for the PS5, you will learn here:

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