_ THE TRAINING OF DEATH_ will be a game with many systems with whom interacting, from its crossing mechanisms to its ancillary activities. Curiously, one of these systems includes a “I like” type system inspired by social networks, one of the online features of the game.

Although it is a unique player game, an online mechanism allows players to leave behind useful objects, such as scales or bridges, which can be used to cross large spaces and rivers. Players can reward this behavior in “the magnet” in the game.

When Game inform you asks Death Stranding’s Kojima explained that tastes are his own reward. At first, the rest of his team of developers opposed the implementation of this feature, because the players could not understand it and there was no significant advantage, but Kojima insisted that the fact that the tastes should be tastes.

“But, of course, you can see how many love you have, then it may be a small reward,” added Kojima. “If you simply use (something that another player has placed), one as will be sent automatically. But you can also send more, like a tip. “

“I do not mean that I’m great to think about this idea,” he pursued, “because it’s really a mixture of the Japanese way; we do not have tips, but you know that You get a very good service in Japan. While in America there is a tipping system where the servers do their best because they want to be informed. So it’s a side game in the game. “

Death Stranding: Here's How The Social Strand System Works
According to Kojima, the objects left behind who do not have many tastes “may disappear” while “those who have the high thumb will remain”.

In particular, there is no way for players to give a boost to the objects of each other since Kojima wants to be a “positive” game of working together.