Only last week we were able to announce a change at the top of the Steam sales charts. But what about this time? After all, this recently celebrated the action role-playing elden ring from numerous fans, and was already on the lurk to climb the steam throne **.

Elden Ring dominates the Steam sales charts

Already a first global view of the current Top 10 of Steam shows that ELDEN ring could not only swing on the top spot, but the first three ranks and thus the entire winning podium proven. This is both on the different versions you can buy at Steam as well as at the pre-orders, which also flow into the calculation.

The first game in the top 10 that is not called Elden Ring is the add-on Destiny 2: The Witch Queen in Fourth Rank. Also interesting is the fact that the handheld PC Steam Deck appears for the first time in the upper regions of the sales charts. He is found on the seventh place. The former number 1 totally was: Warhammer 3, on the other hand, crashed to the new rank.

  1. Elden ring
  2. Elden ring
  3. Elden Ring Deluxe Edition
  4. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition
  5. Elden ring
  6. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
  7. Steam deck
  8. Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  9. Total was: Warhammer 3

Why People Are Quitting Elden Ring
10. Cyberpunk 2077

The origin of Steam sales charts

Incidentally, when calculating the current top 10, the pure number of specimens sold by the respective games is decisive, but the revenue scored . The above-mentioned sales cars refer to the period from 21. until February 27, 2022 . The charts are output weekly in an XML feed to Steam.

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