Aaron Rodgers is the largest dominoes in this year’s quarterback carousel: continues the reigning MVP? And if so, if he wants to stay in Green Bay? The packers expect his decision – trade inquiries, however, are so far in short supply.

When asked if his phone is already heavy due to trade inquiries for Rodgers, Packers-GM Brian Make sure at the Scouting Combine clearly introduced: “No, not at all.” Moreover, “no single person” has therefore contacted him so far.

Rodgers had left his future open to the end of the season in Green Bay. After the tablecloth seemed almost cut in the past offseason, it seems internally good work – the stressed Rodgers several times.

First and foremost, it should now be about the question of whether the packers go further all-in with him, which happens with Wide Receiver Davante Adams, whose contract expires – and whether he himself stay in Green Bay, or something new want to try.

The 38-year-old had announced a timely decision, something, what’s also hoping. The 16th of March is a good orientation, “then the new league year begins. Before that we have to make several decisions, so that would be helpful. I think we’ll know something before.”

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Until then, however, as every year, he prepares for the Free Agency: “In itself it is not great differently. In this phase of the year there are always many uncertainties. You always have your own free agents that you want to keep, but you know Not, how things develop. It always needs a plan B and a plan C. insofar is no different. The attention is greater, due to the player and its status, but it is no different. “