Since Webzeno’s formation, the first king scholarship was cried. The Webzen union argues that the appearance was inheritance of the wage scattering process. It is an union claim that the instrument did not disclose the information necessary for wage bargaining in the union.

The 3rd Webzen Labor Union Weed (WTIH) applied for coordination of wages to the Gyeonggi Provincial Labor Committee. Winking between Webzen and unions is due to the fault of February 17th.

Webzen Wage Science has been tenth. The first negotiation of the union was △ △ salary rating, evaluation method, △ Less than 4 years team leader, evaluation and career percentage of personnel. However, the company has provided only the average rising ratio of the last four years. Union officials said, “If you can not tell you how much you can notify you how much is the rate of performance, the rate of performance, the rate of salary rating, evaluation,

In the second parent of the secondary, the union asked the company to be informed of the company ‘s number aid’ only. In the case of not information, it is in order to be a salary bargaining standard. However, the union said that it has adhered to the position that it is difficult to give other information except that the appearance is delivered.

In this regard, the union has requested a company for more than 10 million yuan, which is about 2,90 billion won in 2020, and 2021 sales of 280 billion won and peripheral company salary competitiveness.

Income: Wages and Salaries

The company did not accept union proposal, and in the third negotiation, the average annual rate of 2022 was set to 10%. The union asked me to tell you how much the average of 10% is a quantity, but it is a position that the company can not know.

“I think that” This is a negotiation that was a negotiator that was a normal labor union, whether it was a negotiation that is a normal labor union, or a personal annual mobility. “

The Webzen union has been established in 20021 that IT industry salary rising relay in the relay of the average of 2,000 won. “The results were different from external announcements,” said Noron established, “The results were different from external announcements.”

The union has demanded a transparent distribution of △ salary competitiveness for recurrence. Additional resources 7 billion won for an impression of 10 million won per person is a union claim that the company can afford it. The union requested the basis and explanation that employees were convinced about the growth rate of salary to the company.

“It is a sorry for the first time the king scholarship is the first time the game industry,” said Noo Young-ho, “I will be aware of the MZ generation unions to make a risk,”

“I will do our best for salary bargaining,” Webzen’s officials said.