Available since the beginning of February, Lost Ark already unveils its first patch offering new content including the arrival of Abyssal Raid and a new quest area. MMORPG fans will be able to enjoy a new type of eight-player raid and new adventures for the history of the game. We explain everything in our summary of news!

new content on Lost Ark

While many players have not yet reached the 1000 of the object level (you are explained, however, in our guides), the MMORPG should therefore accommodate its first current content patch.

New episode of history: Kadan

The story is one of the strengths of Lost Ark and the fans will be able to benefit from new cinematic and quests through their search for the legendary Kadan. On the program also of this content, new islands, what to have fun! CAUTION However because this content is high level, it is recommended to have an object level of 1100.

New Raid Abyssal: Argos

If for the moment this type of content was limited to 4 players, the arrival of the Abyssal raid: Argos will come upset all that! Your friends will have to multiply because it is now 8 players who will have to face this new challenge. Note that three phases will be present, each reporting different rewards, available once a week and character. Note that ARGOS will be available from the statue of Abyssal Raid in the largest cities.

Lost Ark March Update First Look! New Story, New Raid, Looks Exciting!

more coming content

In addition to these first two announcements, developers mentioned the presence of additional content in this patch of March. We look forward to the continuation!

A date for the release of the new content on Lost Ark?

For the moment, developers remain cautious, simply evoking an output of this current content content. It will therefore be necessary to be patient as to the arrival of these different elements. However, if more novelties need to be unveiled to players, it seems pretty logical that this patch does not sort before at least the third week of the month.

So much for our article about the arrival of new content via a current patch Mars for the MMORPG LOST ARK. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Lost.