Elden Ring is exactly a week out with this day and the players are still diligent to find secrets and test limits of the game. So a player found a perfect overpower magic attack , which makes it possible to sue a boss with only a single spell . Some of other players prefer to focus on the exploration of the beautiful Zwischenland. It is possible to find messages left by other players. Instead of using helpful tips, this function is partly used for the creation of memes. That’s exactly what matters is confused in some Japanese players who are not powerful to the English language.

Fortnite-MeMe leaves Japanese player at a loss

The message system in ELDEN RING accesses a repertoire to preset words that can be combined arbitrarily. Thus, the English speaking community has repeatedly used the words “Fort” and “Night” , which sounded in a row as the Popular Shooter Fortnite .

The problem, the messages are automatically translated into the local language for other regions. While the word game is funny for users of the English version, all others frown. So also the Japanese player etc_only, who held the news for a hidden embassy.

So Fort is in the German fortress and Night means translated night. So the player desperately tried to cause a hidden event by mistaken by knocking all possible fortresses at night. At some point he came to the point that he realized that his efforts are in vain and it is an internet meme.

That’s behind the grass message in Elden Ring

However, there is also communication problems in the other direction. So “lol” is presented in Japanese Internetlang with a “W” as a shortened version of “Warau įŽ‘う / Lachen”. Since the “W” with a little fantasy looks like a cartoon character of grass, the Kanji sign for grass “草” has become the internet length for “lol”. So when Japanese players find something funny, leave a “草” message.

However, as we already know, the texts are translated automatically and thus only the word “grass” appears in other regions, rather than “lol”. So if you accidentally encounter a message with “grass”, probably a Japanese Elden Ring fan has laughed at the appropriate location.

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