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Was the 4-1 at Hertha BSC the turnaround or just a outlier? Hard to say. Confidence ensures that in Ansgar Knauf, Filip Kostic, Jesper Lindström, Daichi Kamada and Rafael Borré, all five offensive forces in the form of assists or scores fuel confidence. In addition, Martin Hinteregger seems to have overcome his molding low. The self-confidence factor is not to be underestimated and, as in the best seasonal phase, could make the decisive difference between victory or defeat shortly before Christmas. “The game in Berlin has given us self-confidence, we would like to take that, of course,” says Glasner.

What is Betis on it?

The spreadsheet of the Spanish League has been waiting for a victory for four competitors and had to swallow two bitter pills in the league in the city of the FC Seville on the penultimate game day as well as the 1: 3 against Atletico Madrid last Sunday. The 1: 1 against Rayo Vallecano a week ago returned to the cup finals (first leg: 2: 1). After already 16 compulsory matches in this calendar year – the Eintracht completed only eight games during this period – the team last did not look at a potity and built in the second half against Atletico noticeably.

How is Betis crack?

Against Atletico, the team had great problems with defensive switching, ran into numerous counterattacks and pointed in the reverse movement tempodefizite. Center-back Victor Ruiz turned out to be weak and did not look good at all three counterparties. It is possible that he is replaced by Edgar or another teammate. Football, the Eintracht Betis can not offer Paroli. Sevilla’s average pass quota in the league is strong 81.5 percent, the possession of the possession at 54.1 percent. “They are very ball-safe, never have stress on the ball and with Carvalho, Fekir, Joaquin or Canales a lot of experienced players. This is a very good team. But in all respect, there is only one goal for us: that we return this round, Stressed Glasner.

Betis has enough individual quality to playfully free themselves from pressing situations and to find even in a narrow room footballing solutions. The great opportunity of Eintracht lies in switching to ball profit. It manages to play quickly behind the defensive chain, offensive forces like Filip Kostic, Ansgar Knauff, Rafael Borré or Jesper Lindström could play their pace. In addition, the Eintracht is behind Bielefeld the continuing team of the Bundesliga and has the third-party sprints and intensive runs in the league comparison. It would be no surprise when Frankfurt also has a fitness advantage against Betis. From the paper, Seville is still the clear favorite. Glasner demands: “We need a very compact defensive. We always have to be alert when Betis has the ball, always be vigilant in the residual defense, because it can be done very well especially about your wings, and we have to be very vigorous with standard situations. ” Even before dangerous distance shots, a Betis specialty, his team must be on the hat.

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Who falls out?

Glasner does not have to do without any parent, the last struck Sebastian Rode and Danny da Costa were there on Wednesday when graduating in Frankfurt and then sat in the plane. Not available are only Ragnar Ache (Banner Training), Goncalo Pacience (Yellow Lock) and Diant Ramaj (Meniscus OP). Erik Durm and Stefan Ilsanker are not entitled to play in the Europa League, for which defensive forces were nominated at the end of January Knauf and Ache.

What does coach Oliver Glasner changed?

After the convincing victory in Berlin, there would normally no reason for the coach to make major changes. However, Glasner indicated that the team possibly aligned slightly more defensive. “We played very offense in Berlin, with very offensive outside. And we expect betis with very offensive wing players who are really good in one-counter-1. Therefore, there is considerations to act a bit more defensive,” explains the coach. Whether this also associates with personnel changes, he did not reveal. It would be conceivable to bring Filip Kostic to the front instead of Daichi Kamada and to set up the grounded left-back Christopher Lenz. On the right are the trained defender Timothy Chandler and Da Costa alternatives to offensively invested Knauf. Rode could replace Kristijan Jakic in the defensive midfield. With his experience and clarity, the captain could just become a playfully mature team like Betis at the important factor – as long as the forces wear. According to Glasner, Rode is fit for the starting, an insert guarantee does not mean that.

Will Ansgar Knauf right to the continuous burner?

After the great performance in Berlin, Knauf would have earned another commitment in start-up. However, Glasner rightly point out that the orientation with Kostic and Knauf is very offensive. A very good vote is needed so that they are not both running forward and open the opponent. They act disciplined and also attentively in the game against the ball, the offensive benefits are likely to predominate the potential disadvantages in the defensive in many games. In Seville, Glasner could be the darte too big. With Knauf and Kostic, the Eintracht offensively heavy cropped, in Berlin even more attacks over the right side, which is unusual. Chandler’s trained defenders, because Costa, Erik Durm and Almamy Touou convinced right no one sustainable. This offers Knauf the chance to festive in the medium term. However, the 20-year-old should not be overrusted with expectations, performance fluctuations would be completely normal in view of its age and the low experiences in the Bundesliga.

The Frankfurt fans will also support their team in Seville. Imago Images / Kessler Sports Photography

How many fans support the Eintracht in Seville?

Athens, Bordeaux, Charkiv, Lisbon, London, Milan, Nikosia, Porto, Rome, Salzburg, Tel Aviv. The travel program of Eintracht in the Europeal Cup was full of treats in recent ten years. So Seville, one of the most beautiful pearls in Europe, historical and full of joie de vivre. No wonder that the 3000 tickets comprehensive guest accounting for the imposing Estadio Benito Villamarin (60,721 places) at the back and the front is not enough. Since there was no problem to provide himself about Betis with tickets, far more Frankfurters are expected, most estimates move between 5,000 and 7,000 guest fans. With better flight connections, it would probably be even more, many trailers take detours via Madrid, Malaga or even Amsterdam. Since there are no larger corona restrictions in the stadium, the entire fans scene has been returned for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, including Ultras, which the Frankfurt Waldstadion has avoided because of the restrictions until recently. “Frankfurt loves Europe, loves the Europa League, which feels. This joy and euphoria is on,” Frohlockt Glasner. The anticipation was clear to the 47-year-old at the press conference on Tuesday evening clearly: “I’m there like a small child, I am delightedly and I’m very grateful that I can experience close-up. I will enjoy this evening, and wants that evening Also the players enjoy. “