After being postponed in February, Battlefield 2042 tomorrow, on March 8, finally gets its long-awaited scoreboard update. The update will start at 1 o’clock in the morning Pt, 4 o’clock et, 9 o’clock GMT and update the scoreboard and more information about individual teams and how deliver it is good.

Scoreboard Update Tomorrow! - Full March Patch Notes, New Content & Bug Fixes for Battlefield 2042

The scoreboard now has three different sections, one for each team with individual player statistics and a third who highlights the goals during a game, the current results and a selection of personal statistics as well as kills and death, besides your community connection.

In addition to a much better scoreboard, the update also resolves a crash problem on Xbox One and Origin when using an Xbox controller, a new EU data center in Frankfurt sets up and fixes a problem in which TakeDowns on PS4 or Xbox would not lead to a kill A. Conquest, breakthrough and danger zone were also fixed.

A few more fixes and bugfixes can be found in the patchotes on the Battlefield blog.

Update 3.3 for # Battlefield2042 goes tomorrow, on March 8, at 09:00 UTC live on all platforms

It is an update without downtime, so you can start and play immediately as soon as you download it

Update notes:

This update is one of several, which has planned EA for the year to revive the game after its bumpy start and the dwindling player base in recent months. Hopefully, Update Cadenz will really accelerate in the next few months when we look at the first seasonal content drop for the game.