In the Washington Post interview, Amazon Games Christoph Hartman Vice President and Studio Business Management Officer Laura Star reveals the Background of MMORPG “ LOST ARK ” responsible for operating Europe and the United States. rice field.

This work is MMORPG, which is developed by Korean SMILEGATE in 2019 and released for the country. In Europe and the United States, Amazon Games accepts releases, and the number of users will grow on the world popularity, such as the number of users overturned by 20 million. Mr. Hartman Waku, it seems that there is a review of “Monetize (Monetization System)” behind the success.

Lost Ark - Ultimate Quick Start Guide / Everything You Need To Know Before Playing The Game

The Korean version “Lost Ark” has a charging system for making gameplay comfortable, such as getting better equipment in preparation for Las boss, and so-called “Pay to Win” existed. Therefore, Amazon Games says that almost all items can be purchased in the game currency to fit the European and US player preferences. In addition, interviews have reduced the randomness of the purchased items such as treasure chests, and were able to feel “I was able to felt fairly”, and for beginners such as free pet item distribution.

In addition, the company also shows a positive attitude to remove an incorrect account to maintain the number of active players, and Mr. Hartman always thinks that it is always providing an experience to grow and evolve with the community I am commenting.