The huge open world of Elden Ring contains many secrets and collectibles that players can find in their journey. One of these collectibles are paintings that can be found scattered on the map. Picture “Resurrection” can be found in Liurni in place called artist hut . This place is located to the west of G. Divine Tower of Liurni . Players can notice the picture, just entering the squint of the artist and looking at the easel in the center of the building.

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What are you doing with pictures in Elden Ring?

Pictures are more than just collectibles. These items will act like small side quests for players. Each picture will contain prompts about the location of the award that players should track. Tips are usually mysterious and vague.

The picture itself is also the key to the location of the award, although players are not looking for a place shown in the picture. They are looking for a place from where the picture was written.

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