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This article contains the content of the hidden element of “Ding Light 2 Stay Human”. Please be careful to browse.

An open world palcohol zombie action “** Dying Light 2 Stay Human” for the latest update that reports the change in patch notes the latest updates the other day It was published by the player.

The video has been published Steven3517, which has posted a game videos on YouTube channels. On the Patch 1.2 for Pc version on March 9, and Patch 1.07 for PS4 on March 11, Patch 1.007.000 for PS5, for updates, respectively, for updates, respectively, for Patch 1.2, respectively. There is a change point that affects the game experience of what is not specifically noted.

All changes reported by Steven 3517 are all five. First, as a change point related to the game system, the damage to the vertical direction in the grappling hook can not be performed, the damage received from the enemy is large, and a new effect sound is provided at the time of recovery. Is.

And, with a hidden item available in a certain way, the charm “Cork” that could recover the durable value of the weapon without cost is the change that scrap will be consumed during use. Finally, in the submerged land, which was a major equipment collection area, “Submersed replenishments” is reported that the contents of “aware supplement material” are no longer responsified except for “GRE crate”.

In addition, for the charm “Cork”, “Feedback will be adjusted after listening to feedback after feedback” for the next post from the fan. Balance not to impair the fun of the game The purpose of the Twitter official account (@dyinglightgame) has responded.

Patches delivered for each platform 1.2 / 1.07 / 1.007.000, in addition to the above changes, various bug fixes and adjustments are being made. Please check the full patch note (English) from this (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE).