F1 2019: Controller control best with individual settings

Real F1 pilots need steering wheel and pedals, but even with the controller, rapid “hot laps” are possible.

Basically, F1 2019 allows exactly like the successors different input devices, for PC players is also the keyboard. This is the worst possible, since no dosed inputs are possible. Both during braking and accelerating and steering is the fine adjustment of central importance; The waiver is therefore not recommended.

  • Controllers are therefore clear. With the analog shoulder buttons, partial pressure is possible over the entire spectrum; The same applies to the steering by analog stick.
  • The best method is a set with steering wheel and pedals. However, this is the investment that is usually a hurdle for non-enthusiasts. By contrast, console players already have a controller anyway. Many PC players also have a controller.
  • In the control with controller, fingertip feel is all the more important because the scope or stroke of the shoulder buttons is not great. Dashed entries are possible, but require extremely fine movements. This requires exercise – and the right settings.
  • Under “Calibration” in the control options you can change the linearity. A higher value means that the input is not so strictly implemented. In this way, you can not accelerate and brake with the controller.
  • Professional Tip to Steering: By pressing the analog stick forward, you can perform finer steering movements to the sides from there, in the sense of a 180 degree semicircle. From the starting position in the middle that is hardly possible – here is only strict left or right.

F1 2020 • Controller Settings Guide
The ideal values ​​for these settings are a matter of taste. We recommend simply starting a free time trial and enter different numbers until you feel comfortable with the setup. Then you can observe your skill progress by comparison with the KI competition.