Kyrie Irving 50-PIECE! ???? IGNITES for new SEASON HIGH vs. Hornets

Kyrie Irving has led the Brooklyn Nets with a personal seasonalest value of 50 points to the Away Victory in Charlotte.

Kevin Durant began his answer to the question of Kyrie Irvings’s performance against the Charlotte Hornets only with a clapping and unbelieving head shaking. “That was a masterclass,” Durant then found words. “Young players should look at this game and learn what it takes to score on this level. It looked so easy with him. “

Why Durant was so full of praise? Irving led the Nets with a personal season of the season of 50 points to the 132: 121 success – the first Brooklyn, four defeats previously. “It felt like that as if we were to win tonight,” Irving explained his mindset.

Irving scored twelve points in the first quarter as the Nets settled on 34:20. In the final portion, the Point Guard had 16 counters followed to keep the hornets at a distance. Irving showed great efficiently: 15 of his 19 throws from the field, nine of his twelve threesome and eleven of his 13 free throws sank the Guard.