Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing and Developer Vaulted Sky Games, for Ghost VS Hunter’s Fighting Cameproid Games “ Midnight Ghost Hunt “, published a new trailer that introduces gameplay, and early access start timing with the spring season Announced.

Midnight Ghost Hunt: Hands-On Preview
A total of eight players are divided into two camps, “Ghost” and “Hunter”. The root of the battle that defeats the other party is the same as the traditional multiplayer title, but it is a factor that the ghost side can enable the object where the ghost side is placed in the map.

As a result, the hunter side needs to find a ghost by making full use of gadgets, etc., and the ghost side is “a bronze”, a tableware, and a lamp, and attacking a chance, etc. A battal that does not do it will expand.

If you annihilate the other party, you will win your own team, but if you remove the ghost even if you ‘s midnight (Midnight), if you miss the ghost, the ghost side of “Midnight Mayhem” is overwhelmingly advantageous. Bona Staime begins and will be hunted from the side hunt.

Park and special skills, and even a map of ruins, a map, a map such as a cursed pirate ship, also a full-featured factor, such as a map, “Midnight Ghost Hunt” is an early access to this spring, PC (Windows) for PC (Windows). It is scheduled to start.