Recently, Konami has updated the trademark rights for Silent Hill and thus launched an avalanche on speculation around a new part of the Horror series, as Gamesradar reports. After the last part appeared under the participation of Hideo Kojima was officially sampled in 2015, it was long quiet for the series.

But with the brand update, something hopes for the fans again germinate again. Although this could only be a routine update. But it is possible that this is a first indication of a new game. It is particularly noticeable that a VR headset is mentioned in the upgrade, which could suggest that the next Silent Hill will be a VR game.

Kojima Productions Spotted Using Sony Mocap Studio As New Silent Hill Trademark Is Filed By Konami

Already last year, there were rumors that Konami has submitted the development of a new part of external studios. Of course, this is no proof and we can currently only speculate and hope. But it is at least a sign that Konami has not completely written off the survival horror series.