The SHAMEFUL Ending for The Jailer and My Hopes for 10.0! + RWF Updates
Following the trademarks applications that were identified last month, Supermassive Games, developer of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, confirmed that his next game would be The Quarry. This new IP is not related to the series that the team works in partnership with Namco Bandai, which currently includes Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes. Instead, it is something completely different and will be published by 2K Games.

The quarry will be launched this summer, and you can view a short trailer below before its revelation complete tomorrow at 16h GMT / 9 am PT / 12 am ET. The platforms have not yet been announced, but a PlayStation version 5 is at least likely. It is accompanied by the slogan: “What does not kill you will make you stronger.” It is presented as the “new horror experience” of the studio. The actor David Arquette, who recently starred in Scream this year, will play a role in the game.

We will bring you the complete revelation of course here on the site and any accompanying information about versions SP5, PS4. What do you think of the teaser? Share your first impressions in the comments below.