A plague tale: Innocence will be the next video game that will take the jump to the small screen.

The French director Mathieu Turi, responsible for movies such as Hostile or Meandre (although he has also worked as Director of Second Unit in Tarantino’s damned Bastards or in the second part of the Sherlock Holmes of Guy Ritchie), he has revealed in his Twitter account that “It’s official! I have the great honor to work on the serial adaptation of this French work, @aplaguetale. Thank you, @asobostudio and @focus_entmt for your confidence. What a desire to bring the history of AMICIA and HUGO to the screen! “

At the moment it is unknown which chain will issue the series, which will be their actors protagonists or details as the budget.

Meanwhile, the sequel to the original game of 2019, A plague tale: Requiem, is still under development and should be available at the end of this year.

A plague tale: Innocence has been one of the great covers of these last years, with an attractive story set during the Hundred Years War, in which two brothers try to survive in a france of black plague. In his analysis we said of him that “Tale plagued demonstrates how, even with limited resources, a jewel can be signed if it is known exactly what is to be told”, giving him the coveted seal of essential.

A Plague Tale : BONNE NOUVELLE ????
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