Fans of classical strategy games are congratulations: you can take Total War: Medieval II wherever they desire if they decide to buy their mobile version. The Creative Assembly game premiered in 2006 introduced in January its launch in iOS as well as Android , although we needed to wait a pair of months to recognize your date.

It has a cost of 14.99 euros This port executed by Feral Interactive for SEGA will land on smart phones the next April 7 , with fights in actual time with infantry, archers as well as mounties, group of Defense as well as 17 usable factions that will enable us to lead an empire to expand it through conquest, diplomacy, faith or profession.

Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Coming to iOS & Android April 7th!

The title is now offered to publication at the Play Store and the Application Shop at a recommended cost of 14.99 euros , having its launch collection for April 7 that we have currently discussed. If you would like to know what we think at the time, you can take a look at the evaluation of Total War: Medieval II who specified Álvaro Castellano in November 2006, in which it made it clear that it is an experience that no fan of strategy should be lost.

The title is established in 3 regions during the Center Ages: Europe, North Africa as well as the Center East. Practically, massive fights have obtained a brand-new tactile user interface to adapt a game experience that was initially created with the objective of optimizing controls with keyboard as well as computer mouse.

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