The better start caught Dortmund, which also went through Marius Wolf in the eighth minute. But except for another good chance of Erling Haaland came from BVB in half a little. In contrast to Cologne, because the “effze” played really good first 45 minutes. “In the first half we were the better team. It came a long ball where we sleep, wolf makes the gate outstanding. Then we were on the pusher, had the better chances and maybe it can even lead,” Mark Uth analyzed after the game At Dazn.

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Relatively similarly, the first 45 minutes had seen the opposite side. “We did the gate and then had a counterattack, the next half hour to the break was only Cologne,” said BVB coach Marco Rose. “We did not get the wing no longer, it came a flank after another, a chance to the other. Cologne scored the righteous compensation.”

In the second half, Rose then placed on the advice of his co-trainers on threesome / fiffer chain, Mats Hummels came into play for the struck Felix passlack. “That helped us, we got in well, had better access and even the better chances of the back,” Rose found. Praise was also available for the system conversion from the opponent. “That was not a bad chess train,” Uth said. “We’ve already got pressure on it, but the second balls were away more often. The guys from Dortmund are also great eighth minutes, they play well. We then defended well.” The point is perfectly fine. “

Both trainers in the end satisfied

The draw was completely rectified after the complete game. “Overall, it’s a fair draw,” also found Rose. His trainer colleague and buddy Steffen Baumgart could also live well with the game: “It was a good game, in the first half of us really good. With the conversion from BVB on triple chain we had some problems. But what the boys tore tortured today That’s exactly what we want to see, that’s why I am very satisfied. “

Of course, both teams would prefer to take a threesome. The Dortmund had to leave the Bayern back on six points and the Cologne missed it to close up to three points on a Champions League Square. But that was not an issue anyway in the Rhineland. According to the high season so far, however, one can formulate quite bold targets, right? “We have nothing to do with the descent, now we look up,” says Uth. “Let’s see how far we come.”