Forming the emotional world in words shortly after the final whistle was not so easy for Bayern players. “Saintly” is the 1-2 defeat against Paris Saint Germain, Bayern-Captainin Lina Magull said. “We are satisfied with the performance, we dominated the game,” the national player continued to do. But just lost because the French master was mercilessly effective and met two poorly defended corners.

Bayern Munich Star Lina Magull Opens Up On Her Inspirations In Football ❤️????
Paris was by no means better than Bayern, but just clever. The starting position in front of the second leg next Wednesday (21 clock) in the Paris Prince Park is still acceptable thanks to the Klara Bühl connection hit, which met by free kick in the 84th minute of 17 meters, after all. Bavaria still left some good opportunities unused.

Important connection goes gives hope

“It was important that the goal is still succeeded. I’m not dissatisfied with the performance, but we had no playback,” Bavaria coach Jens Scheuer, who now hopes that “we have more luck in the second leg and the thing can still turn. It’s about we believe in us “. Also midfielder Sarah Zadrazil is confident for the game in the French capital: “A goal is feasible for us, we can beat you.”

Another positive aspect despite the defeat was on Wednesday evening the atmospheric backdrop in the Munich Allianz Arena. 13,000 spectators found themselves for the premiere game of Bayern women in the Great Stadium. Lina Magull: “From me it can become the regularity.”