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We would soon have to think that Forestales presents itself as an umpteenth game of deckbuilding surfing on a particularly vigorous fashion among independent studios in recent years. And to tell the truth, that’s perhaps what he will be in the end. Nevertheless, he tries for the moment to get out of the nasse by pressing his narrative part and on the playful possibilities offered on the sidelines of the traditional card fights.

A medieval world populated by anthropomorphic animals, a prophecy that announces its collapse, a mysterious cult with the macabre plans that works in the back shop: that’s what we know for the time of the Forestales scenario **, next game of the French Studio Alkemi and publisher Dear Villagers. In the volepain’s skin, the player will have to build a team of characters among which Leo the Tigre Archer, the Karst Gorilla, the Elephant Isabeau or the Pattenbois parrot, to cope with the situation.

All will have their own skills that will therefore affect the course of history, within the framework of “Recontres and scenarled situations”. This is where the slope _deckbuilding will take over. However, the latter will not only be used to combat, but to manage each situation in different ways: cunning and discretion will also be part of the options brought by the cards, alongside the traditional fight. This should then feed a branching story, with multiple purposes to the key.

Difficult to evoke Forestales Not to mention its already extremely promising artistic paw, which should find an echo in the compositions of Christophe Hérale, who have it, in particular, the tremendous bands of Beyond Good & Evil or Rayman Origins and LEGENDS . Finally, the two partners add that Travis Willingham, a recurring figure of video game dubbing (among others) will campaign the narrator of the adventure. Expected output on PC and Switch from this summer, first trailer in support.


Forestales – Trailer of ad on Switch and PC