On Wednesday, 23 March 2022, the controversial YouTuber and streamers Drachenlord alias Rainer W. was t before Court – not for the first time. This time, the appeal process to where W. prison wanted to escape again. With success.

namely on probation, under some conditions The prosecutor demanded yesterday two years and three months in prison -. the verdict last October, two years in prison, without parole, it now twelve months were.

Reason for the now milder judgment is the occurrence of the key witnesses in court, the attack in addition to a better social prognosis than in October and the Dragon Lord physically, which in turn also not denied yesterday.

Said a witness, just victims, already made his testimony in court under the influence of alcohol, got drunk afterwards outside the courthouse and finally succeeded pöbelnd and screaming arrested by the police in temporary custody.

As the verdict came about?

an acquittal could W., probably by the behavior of the key witnesses, so when blow to the head those same young man reach with a flashlight.

The violence against two medical students, who visited the Dragon Lord at his former property in his small home village in Middle Franconia in spite of himself, only resulted in an acquittal.

This left two months to fisticuffs against a heavily drunken man onetime on W · s land invaded, four months for a brick throw against a so-called “Hater”, ie an anti-fan of YouTubers. In addition, two three-month for numerous insults and slander by police on camera in streams and videos.

Bottom line, a total sentence of twelve months, which was suspended on probation revealed.

These are the requirements for Rainer W.

Because of a valuer was determined that Rainer W. has a adjustment disorder with paranoid features – in therapy, he should learn strategies to better deal with it.

Last needs of YouTuber and streamers 2,500 euros an initiative for children with cancer donation. In the verdict, the judge Alex Dunavs emphasized the special nature of the case. The “collective adjustment” of the “Dragon Games” is unique and legislators know no such thing.

The prosecutor, it looks very different

Something else the State Attorney ordered the situation around Rainer W. one who sold while land and house to the community and what finally rest near to the stricken little village to bring Nuremberg dungeon. The improved social forecast of YouTubers.

But she stressed that to the environment does not always have something changed and the Dragon Lord now touring with a very flashy car through the area, which would shift the clashes between Rainer W. and “Hatern” only on the road,

Thus, it could lead to further crimes and the retreat of the dwelling would Rainer W. now no longer available. but in turn also stressed in the appeal process again, that he wants to change his life and that he does not want to jail.

What are the mitigating circumstances?

In mitigation of the sentence also the psychiatric reports had off, attesting to the Dragon Lord greatly reduced controllability .

In addition, the “Hater” kept coming explicitly with the aim of “entrenchment”, that is the former site of the YouTubers to provoke him until he did not know what else to do than with violence and beatings in order to defend themselves.

Also allegedly mitigating also the impression of “Hater” had an impact on the court, who stood on trial, starting at about 1:00 in the night from Tuesday to Thursday at the courthouse in the west of Nuremburg.

What there Curiosities happening is below to lesen.

So strange were the scenes outside the court

The aforementioned witness caused a stir when he got drunk heavily, rumbrüllte be in front of the courthouse, the officers insulted, did not comply with a sending-off members and was therefore arrested by the police at the end.

Moreover camped all day “Hater” and other interested parties outside the building, drinking beer, streamed live and sometimes ordered pizza at the scene. When the Dragon Lord after the long day of the trial, with its eye-catching car back home took that was only possible under massive police protection chanted vociferous slogans while dozens of “Hater” and mocking songs sang on Rainer W..

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