With “Gran Turismo 7” there has been a new title of the famous racing marshes of the Japanese developer Polyphone digital since March 4, 2022. Exclusively appeared for the PlayStation 4 and 5, you can expect hundreds of cars, tuning parts and several missions in the game. Saturn offers the brand new PS5 game with a Sony DUALSENSE controller (available in different colors) for strong 124.99 euros including shipping costs. According to the price comparison Portal Idealo, you save about 10 euros compared to the competition. IMPORTANT: Put the game as well as the controller in the shopping cart. The discount is automatically (all prices and information – as of March 23, 2022).

Gran Turismo 7 - IS A WHEEL & PEDALS WORTH IT? - PS5 DualSense VS. Fanatec GT DD Pro

Gran Turismo 7 with PS5 controller at Saturn

  • Around 10 Euro compared to the competition Save
  • Racing game “Gran Turismo 7” for the PlayStation 5
  • PS5 controller Sony dualsense with motion sensor

Gran Turismo 7 with PS5 Gamepad at Saturn

It is so far the best racing game of the year 2022: “Gran Turismo 7” moves a good note of 1.5 in the computer image test. Among other things, the PlayStation-5-Game convinces with varied play and racing modes as well as the large fleet together with tuning and customization options. Another Plus: The game benefits from the possibilities of the Sony PS5 controller.

Practical that Saturn encloses the bundle the Sony DualSense Controller (Note 2.0). In contrast to its predecessor, the PS5 gamepad is a bit bigger, but is well in the hand. Thanks to adaptive trigger keys and dynamic vibration, actions in the game feel different. Other features include a motion sensor, a touchpad and an integrated microphone.

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