When is a console age over? Fishing question! The answer is: Never if the fans continue to be faithful to her! Since Sony recently sent the PS3 to a step further in pension, we want to use the occasion to prove our repect to the old console.

13 good ps3 games that we never die

Recently, Sony announced that repair support is set in Japan for the PlayStation 3 at the end of April. Does that mean that the console soon is finally history? Many of you have taken the message with great grief, but also with limitless nostalgia. That’s a good time to say thank you.

Thanks to 13 masterful PS3 games , who taught us for over seven years so much, to us, shatters us shattered and to have made us true gamers at all. Sure, with each gamer this list will look different, but that’s ours. Look at you and then write us your favorites in the comments on Facebook.

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From Deus Ex: Human Revolution to GTA Online: These PS3 games have forged us to gamers like no other. The PS3 era will probably end finally as soon as Sony shuts off the online server. But this day is still far away. And even that can not stop us to play singleplayer games. All good things are PlayStation 3!