Most recently, we were very spoiled by MMO fans. According to Laaaaanger Pause, New World (in the test) last year finally again an ambitious, great online role-playing game of a western developer on the market. In February 2022 there was with Lost Ark (in the test) then the next highlight. Of course, we do not want to forget all the great content updates of the last few months, with which the established genre representatives have been expanded – for example, last the class extension End of Dragons (in the test) for Guild Wars 2 .

But we do not mind: that was just a small straw fire. So it will not go on what the real new releases are concerned. The development of great online role-playing games remains lengthy, expensive and risky, especially when the developer theme park instead of sandbox, PVE challenges instead of PVP beatings. Accordingly few new MMO projects can be found in our preview of the other game highlights of the year 2022 . And exactly about these and other already announced online role-playing games of the future, it should go in this special. We introduce you to the most exciting titles (in our view), which should be kept in mind.

Throne and Liberty

The new online role-playing game of NCSoft (Aion, Guild Wars 1 + 2, Lineage 1 + 2, Wildstar and more) should actually mean lineage Eternal, playful and visually much resemble Lost Ark and appear years ago. As you know, the feedback from the tester in 2016 was therefore destructive that the Korean publisher has raised the “Project TL” from the ground up.

The result of this elaborate new conceptualization was then presented in mid-March 2022: Throne and Liberty should appear in the second half of the year for PC and consoles and now put on a third-person instead of ISO perspective. The newly published trailer shows Schick staged story sequences, huge world bosses, lousy PVP siege battles around castles as well as animal shapes that we reveal to turn. That looks exciting!

Ashes of Creation

Since the overwhelming success of the Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2017 and the start of the “Alpha Zero” in December 2017, the online role-playing Ashes of Creation has evolved noticeably and be cleared to the perhaps the most exciting MMO project in this article. There’s several reasons for this:

  • On the developers YouTube channel are numerous videos that impressively show how visually impressive Ashes of Creation looked at the penultimate and last year. In January 2022, however, there was even the upgrade to the Unreal Engine 5 , of which not only the development and the size of the world, but also the graphics will benefit.
  • The plans of developers are ambitious . Ashes of Creation is to be among the largest as well as most successful MMOs on the market. The goal is to relocate 10,000 players to each server at the same time, and of course all should have the opportunity to participate in the Open World activities.
  • With Steven Sharif stands a selfmade millionaire behind, before and in the middle of the project (as a Creative Director), which wants to develop his dream MMORPG with Ashes of Creation. In case of doubt, Sharif would even be prepared to finance the development of the game with its own money if the crowdfunding budget should not be enough.

The LOL-MMO of Riot Games

There are only a few western developers, respectively publishers, who can shake the budget for the production of an ambitious online role-playing game from the sleeve and want. Thanks to the long-standing success of League of Legends and the desire to expand the Runeterra universe, the responsible persons of Riot Games have agreed.

The official announcement of the project was in December 2020, from the former WoW designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street. The developer veteran is on board as an executive producer, and thanks to him we know that the LOL-MMO wants to focus heavily on PVE group content . Also clear: it will take a while for a while until we can hand to the new MMO in the course of an alpha or beta.

Nevertheless, we press the thumbs that there will be more details earlier than later. After the first season of the fantastic animation series Arcane we really desire to dive deeper into the world of Runeterra. If you are so, we recommend this article: Who are the characters from the LOL series Arcane? We betray you!

Diablo Immortal

Yes, Diablo Immortal is a mobile game, with Hack & Slay Gameplay and ISO perspective. But Diablo Immortal is to be a washfast MMO, according to Blizzard, similar to Lost Ark. Thanks to features such as raids, dungeons, re-charging opponents or even the whole social systems, and that’s exactly where the developer still saw special need for action after the last beta .

That we perform Diablo Immortal here, however, has two other reasons. On the one hand, any colleague that was immortally allowed to play so far could confirm: Jup, that feels like a Diablo, only for the smartph1. And with Diablo we have always had some fun. On the other hand, Diablo Immortal could give us a view of some elements that are also used in comparable form in Diablo 4. Because there is also there for example multiplayer content such as world bosses in the open world .

Dual Universe

Since 2018, Philipp’s colleague already pursues the SCIFI Sandbox MMO Dual Universe and its alpha and beta phases. The last status quo report was just under a year ago: six months beta – how is it going on alioth? With the final release, the developers can still be time. Certainly, too, because everyone’s interested is already creative in the huge universe can let off – for 6.99 to 9.99 euros per month.

In the spring, with “Athena”, by the way, the next big patch on the servers will land, which focus mainly on the PVP, but also wants to provide improved gaming experience for beginners, space markets and a new space card. A corresponding update of the Roadmap for Dual Universe was in February 2022.

Pantheon: Rise of the fall

In our list of MMOS, which we had already expected for the year 2019 , you will find some games that have not appeared today and where you ask for a lack of regular updates: “What is…? ” We will come after these games. Pantheon: Rise of the fall was also on this list, but we are actually quite optimistic here, because the developers give here again and again a sign of life.

The last developer update in March 2022 we learned, among other things, that the game is now running on the High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP) from Unity, making Pantheon technically and graphically a huge leap.

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However, the Todo list of developers also shows that there is a lot of work in front of them to achieve the alpha at all. Pantheon: Rise of the fall, by the way, fully focuses on PVE content, with a great E, which is much more important than in other genre representatives. The developers want to appeal primarily to players who love to deal with other colleagues within a persistent world in cooperative KI fights of all sizes. And that’s exactly why we press thumbs that sometime will be something.

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