That Thomas Müller basically has something and also a lot to say is well known and was not avoided on Wednesday at the press conference in Frankfurt by National Team College Matthias Ginter.

If he would exchange with the Munich on his own future, possibly also in the record champion, explained the Still-Gladbacher, “then it takes so long again.” Müller shone on the podium as the previous speaker of Ginter actually wonderful word and with depth. And he also talked about his own future. It should be until 2025 at FC Bayern.

Müller does not go to verbal dribbling

Questions about thoughts about contractual constellations are usually overribbed by the professionals, Müller gives surprisingly deep insights into his considerations. “I have a certain entitlement to myself,” he first generally forms to be concretely. “I’ve had my head to play top-level up to 2025, and so it feels at the moment.”

I’ve had my head to play top level by 2025, and so it feels at the moment.

Thomas Müller

Proposal to his employer

His contract at the Säbener Straße is currently limited until 2023, insofar as the 32-year-old has formulated a clear proposal to his employer. “In a certain exchange,” he says, “are the club and I always.” From him, it apparently likes to be concretely concreted and he assures: “There is a lot of respect for each other on both sides.”

Clearly, in the context of this first country course in the World Cup year, Müller makes it that it does not concern his career in the club and national team, just to extend. “I do not want to play for so long until others say, but now it’s time. I want to be there as long as I can be a crucial criterion.”

Unobackable on flick

Thomas Müller leads the Bayern celebrations

In the concept of Hansi Flick Müller is this. And irrefutable. Accordingly, it is motivated in the start of this country margin season. “The start in a World Cup year is always something special.” Müller experiences him for the fourth time and yet a novelty: “Actually, we are always relatively shortly before the tournament, this time is only in November, yet it’s already about that we have the dynamics we have since the Autumn brought to the square and also transferred to the ranks, continue. “

Anticipation on Louis van Gaal

The Routinian looks at the restart under the new national coach as all around, though he came to a second-rate opponent, but also says: “That’s now completed, we have to prove us again.” First on Saturday against Israel with a hull cabider, from which SERGE Gnabry has traveled because of flu’s symptoms despite so far negative coronate tests and on Tuesday in Amsterdam against the Netherlands. For Müller a special reunion with BondCoach Louis van Gaal, its former sponsor in Munich. He assures: “I’m looking forward to him. But we want to give a good figure against Holland in this derby against Holland.”

Another goal is missing up to Uwe Seeler

Müller personally could also be historical imminent in the upcoming international match double pack. He succeeds his 43. Countries of the country he would have opened into honor player Uwe Seeler. “Actually,” he says, “I know my statistics quite well, but I did not know that.” Currently, Müller has more concerned with the present and future than with his previous history.

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