Ex-national coach Berti Vogt has advised National Matthias Ginter, possibly extending his contract to Bundesligaist Borussia Mönchengladbach. “I can recommend him to think about again in peace. Because he fits very well to Gladbach, maybe he should even shave and extend his contract,” wrote the 75-year-old in a column at the news portal T-Online. DE.

Ginter had recently emphasized that a decision on a possible change has not yet fallen. Vogts appealed to the 28-year-old world champion of 2014 to properly assess his role within a team: “At Gladbach he is important, with FC Bayern – with which he is repeatedly brought – he would only be one of many. And I believe Not that Ginter would be a regular player there. “

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He does not envy the footballers of this generation at all, so vogts: “You have always sitting at least one consultant on the ear, whispering to you, how important the money is. I do not know exactly how it is at Ginter, but should it be with him So I can only recommend to solve it and prefer to hear completely on yourself. No money in the world can replace the joy of football. “