The main channel of Youtuber Mrbeast has a good 92 million subscribers. Thus, he is still a good deal from private channels like the Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg (111 million subscribers) or the music upload leader T-Series (206 million subscribers). But If you take all its accounts together, MrBeast has already collected over 200 million subscribers and is on the path of India’s largest music label T-Series to overtake and become the largest youtuber of the world.

In addition to its main channel, he operates a mrbeast beast philanthropy channel, a mrbeast gaming channel, has a mrbeast shorts, Beast Reacts, mrbeast 2, mrbeast en español, beast reacts en español, mrbeast на русском, mrbeast brasil, mrbeast gaming en español, MrBeast en français and mrbeast gaming brasil.

After he has already created Youtube channels in Spanish and Russian, a further language should now be added, which should bring him several million further followers. With the next project, he also wants to grab the Indian Youtube users.

MR Beast Hindi in the planning

MrBeast LIVE Sub Count (The RISE of MrBeast)
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On Twitter he answered a fan who wrote: “Damn, I have just seen a mrbeast video in the Hindi language. Seriously, this guy stunned us again and again” he should wait until the Hindi channel starts with uploading. Although the 23-year-old Jimmy Mrbeast Donaldson has not called a precise date for the start, we can assume that MRBEAST will not only publish a mrbeast-Hindi channel for its main channel, but also translations of its alternative channels such as mrbeast gaming and mrbeast reacts.

The Youtuber has suggested in the past that he would like to have alternative voice channels for the ten most-teamed languages of the world , and it looks like Hindi is next on the list. If he is really reacting that in the end, MRBEAST would be by far the biggest influencer of the video platform. Have you ever looked Mrbeast videos? For example, his squid-game replica? Write us in the comments. **

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