The government expands the treatment of the treatment of Corona 19.

The central defense countermeasure headquarters (blanks), in the situation that the number of permeability is still in the situation where the number of permeability is from 200,000 to 300,000 people, and it is necessary to make such a decision to determine that action is needed to minimize and minimize the dangerous group. For reference, the use of the use of this month is 420,000.

First, it will be used since the 6th to feed the treatment of the public health center for the timely supply of treatment for medical treatment of medical hospitals, facilities and psychiatric hospitals. Care Hospitals are enabled for the in-house prescription, as well as the main prescription through the original prescription and therapeutic supply base hospital through the existing pharmacy.

In the case of a nursing facility, an original prescription will be deducted using the volume of the public health center in addition to the removal of the public health center, in addition to the origin of the pharmacy and treatment of the existing procedure. The mental hospital is the same as the main prescription, including the main prescription, and the volume supplied to the public health center is used to make the intestinal prescription.

In addition, the intercourse decided to enhance video education and information on the treatment of treatment and supply procedure for the treatment of treatment for 963 concentration management medical institutions.

In addition, the medical institution that applies to the outpatient medical center as a medical institution with internal and affiliate specialists, depending on the prescription of the outpatient medical center of the central accident reception and eating treatment.

Currently, medical institutions that can be prescribed by the career and permeability ▲ Medical and 5,88 points ▲ Homemade and 2,100 pieces ▲ Pediatric and 2,1001 pieces ▲ Ivy-after-school year and 2,572 pieces ▲ Neuro and 254 points ▲ Rehabilitation medicine and 470 places.

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In addition to the prescription of the treatment of the medical treatment for the patient with the consolidated hospital and the medical treatment for the patient, it is possible to prescribe a therapeutic agent to eat as an admission patient from 1,397 in the hospital. It is done in an originated prescription method, prescribed by the hospital medical institution and is prepared and delivered in the pharmacy.

In addition, in response to the respiratory clinic and respiratory care, the treatment of treatment agents that have been eaten from 4 days to the exemplary hospital and comprehensive hospitals in the superior hospital and comprehensive hospitals are allowed to be used for the anti-hospital and comprehensive hospital.

“I will try to make a timely supplier to the patient who needed to eat through the reinforcement of the recipe and expansion of the treatment of food,” said that “