With 3: 1, the German national team won the qualifiers in Portugal on November 30th for World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. Already after 28 minutes, the German eleven in Faro to Goren of Lea Schüller, Svenja Huth and Melanie Leupolz with 3: 0 was located in the lead.

“We want to build on the first leg,” Martina Voss-Tecklenburg announced in front of the second leg on Saturday (16.10, live! At Bayern Munich, TV: ARD) in Bielefeld. “Portugal has a good team spirit and wants to defeat us because you need the points,” knows the national trainer, “but we want to make it difficult to get into her game.”

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On Tuesday in Serbia – with shoulder in the gate

The German team does not necessarily need the points so urgently, but has already collected 18 in the existing six qualification pensions. With two other successes on Saturday and Tuesday in Serbia, the World Cup participation could be secured.

It’s a cool time here, it flows a lot of energy.

Giulia Gwinn over the training camp

The DFB squad has been preparing for the two lots at Gütersloh since Monday at Gütersloh. “It’s a cool time here, it flows a lot of energy,” says Giulia Gwinn of Master Bayern Munich. And the national trainer is “pleased that the players show themselves in such a good condition”. Finally, many of them have exhausting English weeks behind them. Linda Dallmann and Maximiliane Rall by Bayern Munich, on the other hand, had to take a forced break due to their Covid-19 infections and traveled to the team until Tuesday or Wednesday. Both are now built in training, but are not an alternative for the game in Bielefeld, but only on Tuesday in Serbia.

There, Almuth Schult should celebrate her comeback. The former number one, which will switch to California in the summer, has not denied international infringement and disease reasons since the 2019 World Cup, as well as their pregnancy and must be behind the Frankfurter Merle Frohms with the status as a number two.